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Re: cygrunsrv will not start services most of the time

Robert Jacobson wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
>>   "Entrust Login Interface" seems a likely one to interfere with the launching
>> of processes that change user id.  (IIRC answering -y to ssh-host-config will
>> have enabled privsep).  It's probably worth the hassle of a couple of reboots
>> to find out if it's doing so.
> I guess I forgot to mention that I tried the sshd service without priv
> separation; it doesn't help.
> Also, the inetd service doesn't do any sort of priv separation, and that
> doesn't work either.  The evidence seems to indicate that whatever
> problem I have, it affects cygrunsrv globally, no matter what service I
> use (ok, I only tried inetd and sshd, but still.. :)  ).
> That said, I still uninstalled the Entrust software.  I also uninstalled
> the Apple "extras" (Mobile Device, Bonjour, Apple Software Update).
> Unfortunately cygrunsrv services still do not start properly.

  :-(  I'm starting to run out of ideas.  This is the point at which I'd start
single-stepping through early process startup in a debugger, trying to see why
it fails.


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