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Re: problem with pthread.h

Dana wrote:
> I have the same problem with or without -I in the command line. The
> thing is that I did the command
> grep "pthread_attr_t" sys/*.h
> while being in /usr/include, and it came up empty.

  Right, that settles it; your installation is just broken somehow.

admin@ubik /usr/include
$ grep "pthread_attr_t" sys/*.h
sys/signal.h:  pthread_attr_t  *sigev_notify_attributes;    /* Notification
Attributes */
sys/types.h:} pthread_attr_t;

admin@ubik /usr/include

> Furthermore, I had an older version of cygwin from a few months back
> which had the said type in the file types.h, but which caused the other
> incompatibilities I mentioned. I updated cygwin only two days ago and
> the new file types.h that was installed didn't have that type in anymore.

  Something must have gone wrong during the installation.  You could perhaps
fix it by rerunning setup.exe and seeing if it finishes off any part-installed
jobs.  Just for curiousity, what does the copy of types.h that you have look
like?  Is it possibly truncated?  Did your disk perhaps fill up (maybe only
transiently) during the install?

> I noticed that this problem of missing type is inherent to the MinGW
> version of the g++ compilers, and that the newest version of cygwin
> seems to use those tools instead of their own g++.

  No, that is completely incorrect in every way.  The "problem" is the correct
behaviour of the C compiler on any platform when fed damaged header files, and
 Cygwin does not use MinGW tools, although it does supply a MinGW
cross-compiler *as well as* the native one.

> Could you indicate perhaps a mirror site that you know has the correct
> version having the type? I will try to uninstall cygwin and install it
> again from scratch.

  All the mirror sites listed on the page are regularly verified
for correctness by a script.  Reinstalling from scratch is probably a little
drastic, why not just reinstall on top?  On the setup.exe package selector
screen, bring up the Categories tree view, and click on the topmost category
until it cycles to "Reinstall".  But first just try running setup.exe straight
through and seeing if it finishes off anything that didn't complete previously.


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