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Re: File not found with scp

Ryan Stewart wrote:
"which scp" on both machines points to /usr/bin/scp. A full hd search
for scp.* on both machines reveals that there are two of them:
c:\cygwin\bin\scp.exe and c:\Program Files\Git\bin\scp.exe. However:
1) Git's scp.exe isn't on the path,
2) Removing git's scp.exe doesn't make a difference, and
3) Completely uninstalling git from computer A doesn't make a
difference, either: scp from A to B still puts /home in c:\Program

However (again), if I uninstall git from computer B, then scp from A
to B works fine. I've verified this multiple times. With git (which is
actually msysgit) installed on computer B, scp puts files in the Git
directory. When I uninstall git, scp immediately puts files in the
right place. Install git again, and the location switches back.

I've attached three cygcheck files: one for computer A, one for
computer B with git installed, and one for computer B with git

Perhaps the git you're installing is modifying your ~/.ssh/config? Clearly that git is changing some ssh configuration files that Cygwin sees, is overriding it's mounts to change the home directory, or something similar. You'll need to check with the providers of the git you're installing to find out more about this. But I would agree with Thorsten on this. If you're looking for the quick fix, use Cygwin's git.

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