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Re: libtool: two cygwin patches

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> I attached two patches for libtool for your consideration:
> 1) 2.2-export-all-symbols.patch:
> On Cygwin, the --export-all-symbols linker flag is required;
> --export-dynamic has no effect (see
> This patch fixes two problems:
> 1) LT_SYS_DLOPEN_SELF returns a false negative;

Thanks for looking in to this; this failure has always bugged me because
I know cygwin supports it, but I've never had the time to track it down.

> 2) Using the -export-dynamic libtool flag does not affect the resulting
> binary.

I don't know of a better solution; I'm leery of turning on
--export-all-symbols willy-nilly, because that auto-exports everything
even if you've carefully declspec'ed only specific symbols.

But, better working than not.

> 2) 2.2-gcc4-libs.patch:
> With gcc4 providing shared libs, it should now perfectly legitimate to
> add any of these libs to the libtool link command.  Right now, though,
> libtool can't find these libraries because $sys_lib_search_path_spec is
> hard-coded to ignore it, and libtool will refuse to link against any
> library it can't find (even though the linker itself can).
> Instead, this patch simply adds /usr/lib/w32api to the default
> gcc-specific search path.  The m4_if() makes sure that w32api is added
> only once, as is done with Darwin a few lines later.

Works for me.  Thanks for these patches.  Did you already send them

I'd planned to respin libtool relatively soon, to remove some of Peter
Rosin's patches that I included in our version, but which he has now
said are not really ready for widespread distribution.  I'll bump that
higher on my priority queue.

Unless we go to package freeze.


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