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Re: problem with pthread.h

VÃclav Haisman wrote:
> Dana wrote, On 25.3.2009 20:58:
>> I have been trying to compile a program that needs to use the pthread
>> library under cygwin. I have installed the newest versions of all of the
>> tools. The file pthread.h is there in /usr/include, but the types used
>> in it, like pthread_attr_t for example, are normally defined in
>> sys/types.h. Except that for cygwin, they are not there. Trying to
>> compile it with an older version of the file types.h that had these
>> types defined resulted in incompatibilities for other types, like
>> time_t, for example.
> The types are there. Your installation is broken somehow.

  Possibly the include paths are wrong.  If you manually add -I options to
your compiler command-line specifying the standard system directories, you
will break compilation because (e.g.) Gcc's private includes dir with the
fixed headers won't be found first in the list.  This can cause all kinds of
odd knock-on failures later in compilation.

  Dana, can we see the command-line you are using?


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