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Re: 'less': <HOME><END> not working with 'mintty' > v0.3.6

>> \e[1;2A back-line # <UP-ARROW> >> \e[1;2B forw-line # <DOWN-ARROW> >> \e[5;2~ back-screen # <Shift>/<Ctrl>+<M_Wheel_Back>--Scroll page bck >> \e[6;2~ forw-screen # <Shift>/<Ctrl>+<M_Wheel_Forw>--Scroll page frw >> \eOH goto-line # <HOME> -- Beginning of input >> \eOF goto-end # <END> -- End of input >> -- >> And, yes, I remembered to compile with 'lesskey'. >> >> NONE of the above work. >> >> Am I missing some other magic beans?

> - Is the TERM variable set to something other than xterm?

Yes, on Cygwin 1.7, I've since fixed that.

Now, mouse wheel stuff works fine. Thanks.

However, while <HOME> works, <END> generates:


on the bottom command line and doesn't change the rest of the
screen. If I then type <Ctrl>-C (required to allow keyboard input
to be accepted, at all, at this point), and then, <END>, and
<HOME> both work.

So, we're not out of the woulds [sic] yet. ;-)

> - Is the 'Modifier key for scrolling' on the 'Keys' page of the
> options set to something other than 'Shift'? If so the number 2 in
> the keycodes needs to be replaced with 3 for Alt or 5 for Ctrl.

No. AOK.

> - Do you invoke less with any additional options that might influence
> this, e.g. through an alias or the LESS variable?

$LESS is null; no aliases.

Thanks, again, so far. ;-)


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