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Re: Hopefully new details on the rsync crash issue

Jon SjÃstedt wrote:
Hello all!

As many others, I also have problems using rsync in cygwin. I hope
adding my case can help some expert  find the source problem. If more
tests are desired, I will conduct them.

I have an OpenBSD4.4-box with rsync 3.0.3. rsync is running in daemon
mode and is started by inetd. I have defined four simple sections in
rsyncd.conf (only name and comment) that are readonly (that is, I wish
to copy FROM the daemon-box TO a client-box).

In the other corner: XP Pro SP3 with latest cygwin-components. On this
machine, I run the cygwin-rsync from a windows batch-file. I have
tried both using a ssh tunnel and running rsync "naked". I access the
rsync resources simplest possible like rsync.exe -r
host::rsyncnode/somefile /cygdrive/driveletter/path. The XP-box is
otherwise stable.

These boxes are alone on a 100Mb local network that work very well
with SAMBA, ssh, web and other applications.

After some time the rsync client hangs the XP-box. The hang is solid
and neither Ctrl-Alt-Delete, NumLock or the Mouse pointer works. A
cold boot is requied.

This to me sounds more like a hardware/driver problem or O/S bug. If the system is truly hung (and not just extremely busy), then I believe you've tickled this bug/problem using Cygwin but Cygwin's involvement is coincidental since all of Cygwin operates in user space.

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