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Re: Keeping /etc/{group,passwd} intentionally out of date?

Darren Pilgrim wrote:
We have cygwin installed in a lab with a large number of domain groups and users. Keeping the /etc/group and /etc/passwd files up to date is impractical due to the rate of account turn-over. Cygwin Bash Shell has been giving us the error messages produced from /etc/profile nagging us to run mkgroup and mkpasswd.

Is there anything that will for sure break if our domain user/group information isn't kept current in those files? Same question but for local group/user information? Is the effect like that in other unix environments--cosmetic and you're limited to specifying numeric IDs? I can't find anything obvious and non-cosmetic that would break if these files didn't contain the user's information. Can I just rip out the checks and be done with it?

The uid to SID mapping is kept in both files, so users/groups that don't show up in the files are likely to experience permissions problems. In case you haven't considered these options, you can always add specific users/groups to the files (see man pages for 'mkpasswd' and 'mkgroup') or, if you don't mind the network access, you can keep one file on the network for all to use, so you can update this once for everybody on some regular basis.

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