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Re: 1.7.0: Getting a Windows app to run synchronously to a script from which it is invoked

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Mar 22 20:26, Lee D.Rothstein wrote:

First of all, the explorer command does not stop input from the
terminal. When I invoke the above script, I get an explorer window
*and* I can type into the calling shell again because explorer is
running detached. Experiments with notepad show that notepad is running
synchronously, so in that case the shell is waiting for notepad to exit.
I get this behaviour consistently on 1.5 and 1.7.
This is my oversight. I used the wrong example, but even for the right example, I believe I
misdiagnosed the problem. The correct, verified diagnosis follows (I hope).

After some more research I find the actual problem with Cygwin 1.7, is that
if you try to open open a file with a Windows app through its softlink, (in the
directory of both the file and its softlink) the Windows app opens the
softlink, not the file to which it is linked. This only happens with Windows apps, and
the problem does not happen with Cygwin 1.5. (I just tested it on both versions.)

This is what confused me about all the other results I reported.

However, if I use '$(cygpath -wa SOFTLINK)', the windows app opens the correct file.
So, in summary, 'cygpath' works!, but Cygwin 1.7 appears to not dereference the link
for Windows apps as it did with Cygwin 1.5, unless 'cygpath' is used.

WRT, explorer ever running synchronously, I thought that at one point (perhaps pre 1.5,
and pre-XP) that you could get Explorer to run synchronously, but I may be mistaken.
That's (at the very least) the age of the mistakenly referenced script.

P.S.: If that would be my script, I'd use cygpath -wa, to get always an absolute Windows path, btw. This removes the trailing backslash you always get when calling `cygpath -w .'.

Thanks for the advice and sorry to have bothered you with the prior misinformation.

BTB, aside from this obscure difference (that seems to have only impacted my
ancient and ill-conceived scripts), I am enjoying Cygwin 1.7. Thank you, very much.


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