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Re: PING: Deprecation of -mno-cygwin.

On Mar 23 00:42, Dave Korn wrote:
>     Ho there gang.  Over on gcc-patches, Kai has posted a patch to add some
> documentation for the i386 cygming subtarget options.  See the thread at:
>   I asked him if he would add a note mentioning that -mno-cygwin is
> deprecated, and anyone who wants to review the patch or suggest wording for
> the deprecation warning is invited to pitch in to that thread.  (In
> particular, should we describe -mcygwin as being deprecated too, or should we
> say that it will become the always-on default setting, but not actually
> removed, since we might want to retain the positive form as a permitted no-op
> flag to aid backward compatibility with old makefiles that use it?)

It might be helpful for a transition period to retain both options.

  $ i686-pc-cygwin-gcc -mcygwin		<- just works
  $ i686-pc-cygwin-gcc -mno-cygwin	<- Spits out a warning

  $ i386-pc-ming32 -mcygwin		<- Spits out a warning
  $ i386-pc-ming32 -mno-cygwin		<- just works

But that's just me...


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