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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: texinfo-4.13-1

I've made a new version of 'texinfo' available for installation.  This
is the most recent version of texinfo available from  An
excerpt from the texinfo NEWS file is below.

This version of texinfo does not seem to need any of my more "recent"
modification to get it working on Cygwin.  However, if there are
problems please report them to the cygwin mailing list.


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4.13 (18 September 2008)

* A reference card for Texinfo is now available, in doc/refcard.  For
  convenience, preformatted PDF's for letter-size and A4 paper are included.

* makeinfo:
  . new option --internal-links for HTML output, to write a tsv file
    mapping indexed/toc terms to links, for easy reference from external
  . - as an input file name reads standard input. 

* info:
  . support for multibyte encodings such as UTF-8.
  . new option --show-malformed-multibytes, to display malformed multibyte
  . new environment variable INFO_MAN_COMMAND sets the name of man binary
  (use it if you a need to override PATH settings).
* install-info:
  . bug fix: support names with embedded periods (e.g., config.status) again.

* Distribution:
  . autoconf 2.63.

4.12 (20 April 2008)

* Language:
  . new commands @clicksequence, @click, and @clickstyle for documenting
    GUI sequences, and @arrow for the default glyph used.
  . new commands @geq{} and @leq{} for the normal >= and <= relations.

* install-info:
  . lzma compression supported.
  . Much work towards compatibility with Debian's independent
    implementation.  Changes in behavior:
    - new entries are formatted to start at column 34 by default.
    - existing entries are replaced by default.
    - new sections are alphabetized among existing sections.
    - if an entry being removed is the last one in a section, the
      section is also removed.
  . Also many new options:
    --section REGEX TITLE.
    --no-indent: disable formatting of new entries.
    --menuentry, --name: specify left-hand side of an entry.
    --dry-run: alias for --test.
    --regex REGEX: renamed from --section regex, adds to all sections
      matching REGEX by default.
    --add-once: add only to first specified or matching section.
    --align COL: start description at column COL.
    --calign COL: start continuation lines in description at COL.
    --max-width COL: wrap the description at COL.
  . New section in the Texinfo manual describing all this.

* info:
  Our goal with these changes to the default interface is to make Info
  documents more easily and quickly readable, especially by non-experts.
  . the PageUp and PageDown keys move through the whole document by
    default, instead of just the current node.
  . the h command shows the basic help, and H starts the Info tutorial.
  . the newly-bound x command deletes the current window, e.g., within help.
  . the scroll-step variable is set to 1 by default, for smooth scrolling.
  . the cursor-movement-scrolls-p variable is set to 1 by default, so
    link searches look through the whole document.
  . regular expression searches are supported, and are the default for
    both regular and incremental searches.
  . the new R command toggles between regexp and literal-string searches.
  . the new variable scroll-last-node controls scrolling at the end of
    the last node; by default, it now simply reports there are no more
    nodes.  To restore the old behavior, set scroll-last-node=Scroll.
  . the precise line number specified in index entries is used if available.
  . --usage=info shows usage for standalone Info.
  . lzma compression supported.

* Distribution:
  . language support for no removed/renamed to nb, per Norwegian translators.
  . new translation: es.
  . bug fixes in make check (and elsewhere).
  . gettext 0.17, automake 1.10.1, autoconf 2.62.

4.11 (9 September 2007)

* Language:
  . @documentlanguage now supports an optional country code
    specification after the language code, a la gettext.
  . new command @allowcodebreaks controls breaks at _ and - within @code.
  . new command @frenchspacing controls spacing after sentences.
  . new command @fonttextsize allows changing body text font size to 10pt.
  . new command @textdegree{} produces the normal degrees symbol.
  . new command @thischapternum can be used in TeX headers/footers.
  . new commands for quotes: @quotedblleft @quotedblright
     @quoteleft @quoteright  @quotedblbase @quotesinglbase
     @guillemetleft @guillemetright @guilsinglleft @guilsinglright.
  . new option @set txicodequoteundirected produces an undirected quote
    in code and example output, instead of the regular right quote.
  . new option @set txicodequotebacktick produces a grave accent in
    code and example output, instead of the regular left quote.
* makeinfo:
  . The @documentlanguage locale is used to translate various document strings.
  . --enable-encoding is now the default, meaning Info and plain text
    output use 8-bit characters given a supported @documentencoding.
  . new option --css-ref=URL for creating a stylesheet <link> in HTML output.
  . new option --transliterate-file-names to use a reduction-to-ASCII
    algorithm for split HTML file names, useful for non-Latin-based languages.
  . @enddots{} outputs three dots instead of four, for consistency with
  . the Local Variables coding: setting written by --enable-encoding now
    comes at the very end, after the tags table, so that Emacs can find
    it in more cases.
  . @allow-recursion (never documented) is deprecated and produces a warning.
  . @quote-args (never documented) is now the default behavior.
  . centering and such take account of character widths.
  . the --reference-limit option is now a no-op.
  . improvements to XML and Docbook output and the DTD.
* texinfo.tex:
  . @thissection can now be used in custom headings, and @thischapter
    works reliably even without @set chapternewpage.  Custom headings
    have additional flexibility as well.
* texi2dvi:
  . pdftexi2dvi is a new wrapper to `texi2dvi --pdf', equal to texi2pdf,
    for the sake of AUC-TeX which prepends `pdf' to the compilation
    command when requested to produce PDF.
* info:
  . look for info files in the current directory first, by default.
  . when calling man, use -a if no explicit section is found.
  . avoid showing the top(1) man page for nonexistent info files.
* install-info:
  . new options --section-regex, --remove-exactly, --debug, --test.
* Distribution:
  . autoconf 2.60, automake 1.10, gettext 0.16.1.
  . gettext support now [external].
  . new translations: hu (Hungarian), rw (Kinyarwandan), vi (Vietnamese).
  . most common sources imported from gnulib.

4.10 (omitted)

4.9 (29 June 2007)
* GPLv3.
* texi2dvi:
  . new mode --build=tidy which supports compilation in a separate
    directory, where intermediate files are preserved.
  . new option --build-dir, to specify where the tidy build will take
    place, either locally or globally.  This allows avoiding the clutter
    while preserving auxiliary files.
  . new support for AUC-TeX: texi2dvi (weakly) supports arguments a la
    TeX such as `\nonstopmode\input{file.tex}'.
  . new options --ps and --dvipdf, useful especially for pstricks documents.
  . new option --src-specials, passed to TeX.
* texinfo.tex:
  . Latin1, Latin2, Latin9, and UTF-8 are supported -- only as well as
    the Computer Modern fonts can manage, which means primarily English
    and western European languages, to a limited extent.
  . png and jpg images supported in pdf output.
  . new Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian translations for texinfo.tex:
    txi-ru.tex, txi-sr.tex, txi-uk.tex.
  . section names with \ characters work properly in pdf outlines.
  . have .toc files use @ as the escape character, instead of \.

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