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Re: Any Cygwin tool to change .exe subsystem type ?

Dave Korn wrote:
> Christian Franke wrote:
>> Is there any tool in the Cygwin distro that allows to change subsystem
>> type (Console, GUI, ...) of an already linked .exe ?
>> Same operation as e.g. 'editbin /subsystem:windows ...', but without the
>> need to have MS tools installed.
>   Not yet, but it would make a great PTC for the new 'peflags' tool recently
> discussed on this list.

Actually, I think THIS functionality, as well as the ability to set the
date field of a PE object as recently mentioned on the gcc list, is a
better fit for objdump.  While peflags /can/ be used to "process" a
single file via manual use, it's really designed for "SIMD" operation:
do X to every Y in some large list.

In fact, if it weren't for that ability, I'd have to agree with cgf that
all of peflags' functionality really belongs in objdump and not in a
separate tool at all. (Well, that, and it fits the mandate of the rebase
package: "oops, something screwy about windows means we must (do
something) to a lot of binaries after they have been installed")

However, PTC...but peflags is, itself, currently just a large patch to
the rebase package. Jason? Jaaaason?


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