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Re: under cygwin, zsh cannot run when built against ncurses9-5.7-13

Peter A. Castro wrote:

> True, the name does not fit the "current" naming convention for cygwin
> DLLs, but it doesn't really matter too much, since this particular DLL is
> private to zsh (it's really the core of zsh, which zsh.exe loads
> implicitly).  Since its an "internal" (to zsh) DLL and not useable by any
> other program I felt it was exempt from the naming "rules".  Is there a
> strong technical reason to rename it?  If so, I will do so.

I think the issue is, since zsh is built using libtool (right?) libtool
ought to DTRT.  Since it is not, it seems something is going wrong in
the build process; libtool doesn't "know" that it's supposed to be
building cygwin libraries.

So, what *else* is libtool doing wrong, as it happily runs through its
(linux? sun? sgi?)-specific code...

> BTW, good catch on the import libs being bad.  It's nice to know it's
> *not my fault, man!* :-)



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