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Re: Does libXpm-noX depend on libintl, libiconv?

Victor Paesa wrote:
> The Xpm-noX library seems to depend on libintl, libiconv:
> $ grep ^dependency_libs /usr/lib/noX/
> dependency_libs=' -lgdi32 -luser32 /usr/lib/ -L/usr/lib
> /usr/lib/'
> I believe libXpm-noX does not really depend on libintl, libiconv, is that right?

The cxpm-noX.exe program, which ships as part of the "libXpm-noX"
package, depends on libintl and libiconv.  However, the cygXpm-noX-4.dll
DLL, which ships as part of the "libXpm-noX4" package (note the trailing
'4' in the package name) does not.

However, the build system's machinery doesn't know the difference -- and
blindly adds and to dependency_libs, even though
the DLL itself doesn't actually use any symbols from those two libraries.

To fix this, I think I'll need to post-process the .la file to remove
the unnecessary dependencies, so I'll spin a new release of these
packages as soon as I can. (Also, I see that the .hint file for the
"libXpm-noX" package indicates only that it depends on "libXpm-noX4" --
it should also indicated dependency on libintl8 and libiconv2.

Thanks for the report.


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