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[1.7] cygserver: misleading info in cygserver-config?

Hi all,

I've noticed that running cygserver-config produces the following advice:
Please keep in mind, that a client application which wants to use
the services provided by cygserver *must* have the environment variable
CYGWIN set so that it contains the word "server".  So, if you don't
need any other special CYGWIN setting, just set it to "server".

It is advisable to add this setting to the Windows system environment.

And I did so. Only yesterday I happen to be reading the 1.7 online
documentation and found this on
(no)server - Originally this option had to be enabled on the client
side to use features only available when running cygserver. This
option has been removed because Cygwin now always tries to contact
cygserver if a function is called which requires cygserver being
available. For more information, read the documentation in the section
called âCygserverâ.

Soooo... Who wins? :)
I suspect the online docs wins... please confirm if is that so, and I
can send you a patch to cygserver-config. I think I can handle that
herculean task :)

Julio Costa

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