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Re: ls -lR too slow

On 03/19/2009, Vinod Gupta wrote:
"smbntsec" made a huge difference, a factor of 10x! "ls -lR /cygdrive/z" still transferred 10 MB, 50x more than "DIR /S Z:" but far better than 400x it was doing with "nosmbntsec". It improves rsync too which does some thing similar to "ls -lR" to get file mtime and size etc to filter files. I think 50x factor sounds still too high. I thought the Cygwin overheads were of the order of 3x or so. Can we squeeze another order of magnitude?

You'd need to find a way to get rsync to not require the similar task that '-l' performs for 'ls'. But before you spend any effort on that, you might want to compare 'ls -R /cygdrive/z' and 'DIR /S Z:'. That would be the "theoretical" limit for Cygwin's speed increase in this situation at this point. If there's a good gain there, and I would expect a decent one, then exploring a way to get rsync operation closer to this would be a benefit.

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