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Re: A few cygwin issues, mostly for 1.7

On Mar 19 00:51, Chris Mirchandani wrote:
> 1) cygwin release on site is not easy to match using uname or
> cygcheck.exe. e.g. On the site the version is 1.5.25-15 and uname -a
> returns "CYGWIN_NT-5.1 Family1-d 1.5.25(0.156/4/2) 2008-06-12 19:34

If you're running the version from June 2008, you're running 1.5.25-15.
There will be no other 1.5.x release anyway.

> i686 Cygwin." Is the -15 represented by (0.156/4/2)? Also, is there a
> breakdown of what (0.156/4/2) means?

Yes, in /usr/include/cygwin/version.h.

> 2) Could the setup.exe version be posted on the web site? It does not
> update itself or let you know when there is an update, so I suggest

Yes, it does!  When a new setup.exe gets released, the setup.ini
file will get a new version specifier as well.  When starting setup,
it will recognize that its own version is older than the version
information in and it will inform you about that.  Thus you
know a new setup is available.

> I just installed cygwin 1.7 (1.7.0(0.207/5/3) 2009-03-18 18:41) in
> parallel with 1.5.25-15 by using different temp and cygwin folders. I
> have run in to a few issues, mostly with services. I have only started
> to play with services, so this is new for me and I have not yet
> grasped this enough to feel comfortable working through these issues
> without some guidance. The primary issue is that it seems that 1.7
> sees some things from 1.5 and acts like its work has been done.

The service installation scripts are not capable of installing the
service under another name.  If you want to install the same service
under both, 1.5 and 1.7, you're on your own.  It requires some
manual intervention either by changein the installer script or
by tweaking the registry.  Either way, it's nothing for the shy.

By default (outside of critical production environments) I suggest to
deinstall the 1.5.25 services, install the 1.7 services, and live with
1,7 happily ever after.

> 4) Would be nice if cygcheck.exe did not require a file path for a
> file in a package. e.g. I can type w to get what w shows, but to find
> the package it is in I have to use "cygcheck.exe -f /usr/bin/w" rather
> than "cygcheck.exe -f w". Why? Will this be addressed?

No.  It's the same as with rpm on Linux.  It doesn't search $PATH
for you.  What you want you can get easily by

  cygcheck -f `which w`


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