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A few cygwin issues, mostly for 1.7

If some of these can be passed to the devs I would appreciate your help with that as I would prefer those of you that are more experienced with cygwin to make the decision that the request is worth their time.
First the less significant, maybe dumb, questions.
1) cygwin release on site is not easy to match using uname or cygcheck.exe. e.g. On the site the version is 1.5.25-15 and uname -a returns "CYGWIN_NT-5.1 Family1-d 1.5.25(0.156/4/2) 2008-06-12 19:34 i686 Cygwin." Is the -15 represented by (0.156/4/2)? Also, is there a breakdown of what (0.156/4/2) means?
2) Could the setup.exe version be posted on the web site? It does not update itself or let you know when there is an update, so I suggest the version be posted on the site. Of course, it letting you know when there is a new version and maybe even offering to update itself before continuing would be great features.
I just installed cygwin 1.7 (1.7.0(0.207/5/3) 2009-03-18 18:41) in parallel with 1.5.25-15 by using different temp and cygwin folders. I have run in to a few issues, mostly with services. I have only started to play with services, so this is new for me and I have not yet grasped this enough to feel comfortable working through these issues without some guidance. The primary issue is that it seems that 1.7 sees some things from 1.5 and acts like its work has been done.
3) I have syslog-ng, cron, sshd, and cygserver services installed, which I installed from 1.5. I want to install copies for 1.7 and yes I know sshd will need to use a different port. However, when I run the setup scripts, they just say setup complete with out asking me if I want to install the service or any of those other setup questions. Sure I can install the service, but I don't know what special parameters, if any, the scripts set for the service and with other things it does to allow services to run as a privileged user. e.g. In Vista I had all kinds of trouble getting sshd and cron to work and when I did get sshd i could not use privilege separation, but  removed the users, config files and ran the scripts and they made all the necessary configurations and the services work better than ever. Any suggestions.
3a) Can I modify something to force the service install, but with different names than the current versions installed?
3b) If not, can does any one have a run down to manually perform the steps that the scripts to setup syslog-ng, cron, sshd, and cygserver perform?
4) Would be nice if cygcheck.exe did not require a file path for a file in a package. e.g. I can type w to get what w shows, but to find the package it is in I have to use "cygcheck.exe -f /usr/bin/w" rather than "cygcheck.exe -f w". Why? Will this be addressed?

5) Any chance we will see a command line package manager/installer?
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