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Re: chere doesn't work anymore with MinTTY

David Rothenberger:
>> chere (v1.1) doesn't work anymore for me after the recent upgrade of
>> MinTTY to 0.3.7.
> chere is generated a command line using the -e switch prior to the command
> to execute. MinTTY doesn't accept that switch.

Yep. Here's what it does accept:

Usage: mintty [OPTION]... [ - | COMMAND [ARG]... ]

If no command is given, the user's default shell is invoked as a non-login
shell. If the command is a single minus sign, the default shell is invoked
as a login shell. Otherwise the command is invoked with the given arguments.

  -c, --config=FILE     Use specified config file (default: ~/.minttyrc)
  -p, --pos=X,Y         Open window at specified position
  -s, --size=COLS,ROWS  Set screen size in characters
  -t, --title=TITLE     Set window title (default: the invoked command)
  -v, --version         Print version information and exit
  -h, --help            Display this help message and exit


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