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Is there a cygwin analogue to the msvc _set_fmode()? That is, a function
that sets the default mode of fopen, even if you don't explicitly
specify it "rb" or whatever.

Obviously, there's "use binary (or text) mounts".  Less obviously, you
can link against /usr/lib/binary.o (or -lbinmode), or text.o (or
automode.o or textreadmode.o and the similar .a's).  But I'm looking for
an actual function call to replace the following code in libarchive:

+#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
   /* Make sure open() function will be used with a binary mode. */
   /* on cygwin, we need something similar, but instead link against */
   /* a special startup object, binmode.o */

I'm using binmode.o at present, but I'd prefer to just make a func call
at the same place the WIN32-specific code does.  (FWIW, you can't call
the w32api _set_fmode() function and expect it to work; the msvc runtime
and cygwin maintain different default _fmode variables).


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