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Re: under cygwin, zsh cannot run when built against ncurses9-5.7-13

Dave Korn wrote:

>   Anyway, I found that removing "-lm -lc" from the options fixes the build
> problem, and that it makes no difference what version of ld you use.  

  Have looked at this a little further.

  First off: the Cygwin C runtime library is basically the Cygwin DLL, and
what we want in normal use is to link against the Cygwin DLL's import library,
(which is /usr/lib/libcygwin.a).

  The libraries /usr/lib/libm.a and /usr/lib/libc.a are helper libraries, used
to bundle up objects as part of the winsup build.  They are passed to the
final link that builds the Cygwin DLL.  They appear to be some kind of import
library that has been processed by a perl script called speclib that does some
kind of low-level binary munging on them to change symbol names:

-libcygwin/d000078.o:     file format pe-i386
+libc/d000078.o:     file format pe-i386
-[  7](sec  0)(fl 0x00)(ty   0)(scl   2) (nx 0) 0x00000000 __head_cygwin1_dll
+[  7](sec  0)(fl 0x00)(ty   0)(scl   2) (nx 0) 0x00000000 __head_libc

  I don't know what it's all about yet, but as far as I can tell, they aren't
suitable for use outside the actual build system itself and should probably
not need to be installed.  It would probably be better if they were replaced
by symlinks to libcygwin.a, as is done for libg.a.


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