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Re: Did anyone download the Windows 7 beta?

in january there was discussion about the windows 7 beta and how cygwin was performing on it. i'm late to the party on this issue and did not have the same experience related by the early adopters at that time.

i'm currently running win7 as a vmware guest with 2 cpus and 1G memory on a quad cpu ubuntu host. in order to install services, i had to turn off win7 UAC entirely. i tried each of the top two settings for UAC and neither allowed any changes to files or directories (after a full download using setup). i could not change permissions on c:\cygwin or c:\cygwin\home, for instance, from either properties dialogs or from within a bash shell session using chown and chmod. after deactivating UAC, service installs and configurations proceeded with no surprises. (services, here, included cygrunsrv, crontab, exim, and sshd.)

i've never run vista, so i'm new to the UAC. is it normal procedure to deactivate UAC like this?

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