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Re: cygwin/x and windows windows

Mojmir Svoboda wrote:

i'd like to ask whether there is a way to control every window from
cygwin/x environment. i mean having one fullscreen x server running and
show win applications as if they were managed by the window manager
running on top of x.

Wrong list. If you read the description of the lists at <> you will find this description for the Cygwin list:

  If you have questions about how to use Cygwin, or if you have
  Cygwin-specific  (see above) questions, bugs, or observations about the
  UNIX tools (bash, gcc, make, etc.) that come with Cygwin, this is the list
  for you (although it's very possible that you will receive more qualified
  help for such tools on their specific non-Cygwin mailing lists). There are
  a few exceptions to the "all things Cygwin" nature of this list:

    * Questions about the Cygwin/X project (or any X-related questions for
      Cygwin) should go to the cygwin-xfree mailing list (see below).

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