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Re: Problem with 575 man pages -- cygport problem?

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 01:35:38AM -0400, Lee D.Rothstein wrote:
A large number (575) of 'man' pages, that reference other man pages using a
'.so' (source include) reference, fail to work because the plain text files
have the '.gz' extension appended without actually being gzipped. Could
this be due to a mishap in or with the 'cygport' package?

Each reference appears to be okay (I've only tested a handful), iff you
remove the '.gz' extension.

Following is a list of such man page error messages with a few of them
actually verified to have the situation I describe above.

Please stop repeating the same message.


I repeated the message the first time because the original subject did not specifically mention 'cygport'.

If 'cygport' is at fault this is a serious problem that compromises many packages.

I repeated the message, again, because I got a message from what I thought was the list's server
saying the message had been bounced because it had an attachment with an unacceptable name.
And, I got no responses.

Now, I see that the message got through.



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