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Re: gcc4-java: packaging error?

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:

>>   I do not know yet if the Eclipse Java compiler license is compatible with
>> the Cygwin license, so for the moment I haven't shipped it in the distro.
>> (OTOH it now looks like maybe I could have used it while building libgcj
>> without needing to distribute it.)
> IANAL, but ecj is just a jar file; it isn't linked against cygwin, so as
> long as its license allows for redistribution, how could it be
> incompatible with Cygwin's license?

  It probably isn't, but making certain is just something I ran out of time
for before the release.

>>   There are bugs in the java distro right now  which I'll try and fix before
>> the next major release (but not for the rapid-respin I'm liable to do first).
> So I see.  I see that Debian builds gcj and all the java stuff
> separately from the other gcc backends; maybe such a setup would be
> helpful here as well?

  I'll take a look, thanks.


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