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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: experimental package: gcc4-4.3.2-2

Marco Atzeri wrote:

> it seems a 1.7 specific fault. On cygwin 1.5 it works; I never checked
> before :-(

  Odd!  It fails for me on both.  (You did update gcc-4 on *both* your
installations, right?)

> is it possible that Cygwin-1.7 is fooled by the not like-C standard output
> ?
> "GFORTRAN_STDOUT_UNITâUnit number for standard output
> This environment variable can be used to select the unit number
> preconnected to standard output. This must be a positive integer. The
> default value is 6. "

  I'm not sure.  From what I've studied so far of libgfortran/io, I think the
fortran "unit" numbers are mapped to, rather than directly equivalent to, unix
fds.  It might be a libgfortran bug, or it may even not; there could be some
interaction in the cygwin dll between DLL unload and stdio shutdown during the
exit sequence that fails to flush the stream properly, for example.  Still


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