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Problems installing Cygwin on Windows XP

I have been using Cygwin for years, and I have it installed on two Windows XP
and a Windows Vista systems.

Today, I tried to install it on my Windows XP system at work.  I downloaded
the entire release ("Download without Installing") and copied this to a CD.
I got the release from  I had to do this because we don't have full
Internet access at work.

It installed Cygwin from the CD without a problem, or so it seemed.  No
errors during the installation.  I told it to "Install" everything.

When I run bash.bat, it claims it can't find cygwin1.dll.  I searched all through
C:\cygwin and can't find a cygwin1.dll.  From where is cygwin1.dll supposed
to come?  Isn't it part of the normal installation?

Given that such an integral part of the installation is missing, how do I know
if some other important part is missing?  Where can I get a cygwin1.dll that
corresponds to the release I just downloaded?

Thanks for any support you can offer on this.

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