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Re: setup.exe crashing

I went to follow Larry and Dave Korn's advice and move out bash.lst.gz
but it was in use.
procexp showed a bunch of dead DrWtsn and setup's, so i rebooted
renamed the file and start again (i have the latest setup.exe).

Same thing, setup and DrWtsn quit unexpectedly.

I can send the bash.lst.gz to Dave directly in case that helps.

Is there a way to delete cygwin and start over?
Can i blow away c:/temp, c:/cygwin/etc/setup, or c:/cygwin directly
after stopping processes ?

>> What version of 'setup.exe' are you running?  Perhaps it's a bad
>> 'bash.lst.gz' file in '/etc/setup'?  If so, you could try moving
>> it out of the way and trying again.

>  Or indeed just trying again with the latest version (2.573.2.3) if that's
>not what you were already using.  We fixed a number of bugs in this area, but
>it's always possible more remain; if it does turn out to be your bash.lst.gz,
>please send me a copy of the one you save (moving it out of the way, don't
>delete it) and I'll see if there's a fix.

>    cheers,
>     DaveK

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