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Re: Connecting to cygwin ssh is slow

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:05 AM, UdiK <> wrote:
> When I connect to our cygwin SSH machine (Windows 2003 server), it usually
> takes more than 5 seconds to get a prompt and be able to start working. This
> delay slows down many of our scripts which rely on SSH to connect to
> Windows.
> What causes this delay? What is SSH doing that is taking it so long? I don't
> have any anti-virus running on that machine. If anybody has any explanations
> I really appreciate the help.

Connect, then immediately logoff and connect again.  Does the second
connect have the same pause?  If not, then I suspect the delay is your
hard drive.  If you connect infrequently, then when you do connect,
it's likely that the necessary processes (or parts of them) will have
to be retrieved from the page file, and any configuration files will
probably have to be loaded from the hard drive.  If you connect
frequently, I think there's a way to make the ssh connection
persistent---you might avoid the delay that way, or lessen it.  I
don't know how to set that up, though.

I also experience a delay when I make the first connection, but
subsequent connections are pretty snappy.  Most of the time I don't
need subsequent connections, but I do have a script that makes two
connections.  If this isn't the answer, then I'd like to know what is,
so I can improve that first connection time.

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