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Re: Upgrade woes ("file in use")

Nuzhna Pomoshch wrote:

> "In-use files detected"
> "Unable to extract /etc/postinstall/ -- the file is
> in use. 

  This is thoroughly bizarre.  Nothing should be opening that file except
setup.exe itself (either when creating it or when invoking bash to run it
after installation is complete).  It sounds very much like BLODA interference:
your on-access anti-virus scanner may have kept an open handle on it after
setup.exe had closed its own.  It's known to occasionally happen with some AVs.

> So I rebooted the machine (definitely no Cygwin processes
> running now), and the same thing happened.

  That just makes it seem even more likely that it's something else installed
in your system that is interfering.

> Now, I no longer have bash (as well as many other cygwin
> programs). Nothing looks unusual on the machine to me.
> Can someone tell me what happened (and just as important,
> how to repair the Cygwin installation)?

  Simplest thing to do would be to re-run through setup.exe with everything
set to 'reinstall', but you'll need to find out what's interfering and disable
it first.  If you need to do an emergency repair to get up and running, you
should be able to get at least somewhere by copying 'sh.exe' to 'bash.exe' in
the cygwin bin dir using DOS or windows explorer.


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