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Re: setup.exe crashes

David Been wrote:
I've used cygwin on many computers since the early 1990's, so i have
an idea how setup is supposed to work, no expert, but it gets to the
end of downloading, says:

Uninstalling bash ...

and "setup.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close, sorry etc"......

i have tried this repeatedly with different mirrors.   If i restart on
the same mirror it appears to check MD5's and jump to the Uninstalling
bash crash.

Should i delete my c:/temp cache and c:/cygwin (saving my stuff) and
start over?
Or is there a way forward.

i searched the web, the mailing lists to no avail.

What version of 'setup.exe' are you running? Perhaps it's a bad 'bash.lst.gz' file in '/etc/setup'? If so, you could try moving it out of the way and trying again.

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