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Re: Upgrade woes ("file in use")

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009, Nuzhna Pomoshch <yay@I remembered!>
During a recent upgrade of about a dozen packages, I saw
the  Cygwin setup window progress normally ("deleting
package xyz..."), and then up popped a window that said:

"In-use files detected"

"Unable to extract /etc/postinstall/ -- the file is
in use. Please stop all Cygwin processes and select
'Retry,' or select 'Continue' to go on anyway (you will
need to reboot)."

I didn't have any Cygwin processes running

There can be processes running that you can't see easily. I use Process Explorer, from <>, which now redirects to <>. Perhaps the default Task Manager works OK for this purpose.

Anyway, on my current system, even if I have closed all Bash windows
and Emacs windows and and and, it is still running ssh-agent.exe.
Also, in XP Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services,
it shows services
    CYGWIN sshd
    CYGWIN syslog-ng

When upgrading, I make a point of killing ssh-agent.exe via Process
Explorer, and then stopping the two services via Control Panel.

Tim McDaniel,

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