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Re: How can I ssh to a Windows box?

On Mon, 9 Mar 2009, Michael Hennebry wrote:
I've been trying to ssh to my Windows XP box for some time.
At one time I ran something with a name like ssh-system-config.
I told it to add sshd as a service.
sshd starts at boot.
I've told Windows that sshd is a good guy.
When I hit sshd with a SIGHUP,
Windows told me sshd was trying to do something dangerous.
I told Windows to let it.
I cannot ssh to my Windows box.
Connection timed out.
I can ssh within my Windows box using its IP address, 134....
I can ssh to a neighbor running a Mandriva live CD, also a 134....
I suspect some flag in Windows XP that I haven't found.
Any suggestions?

I've discovered that if I kill the demon, I still get timeout from the outside, but connection refused locally.

I haven't been able to restart the demon:
/var/empty must be owned by root and not group or world-writeable.

Also, /etc/services is a broken symbolic link.

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