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Re: rsyncd cannot access volume shadow copy

Matthias Meyer wrote:

> Hi,
> I run cygwin in Vista:
> I can create a volume shadow copy with vshadow from the Microsoft SDK as
> well as map it to drive B:.
> I can access /cygdrive/b (bash) as well as B: (cmd) from terminals of the
> same user which has mapped the shadow copy to the drive.
> But I can not access the shadow copy from terminals of other users.
> AND my rsyncd, which runs under the same user where the shadow copy was
> mapped, can't access /cygdrive/b.
> rsync: chdir /cygdrive/b failed
> Any hint?
> Thanks
> Matthias

Now I can access the volume shadow copy from rsyncd. But I have to start the
rsyncd from a terminal (remote ssh session). If I run it as a service by
cygrunsrv it can't access the volume shadow copy.
It is the same in XP and Vista as well as in Home or Professional/Business
I've double check that the cygrunsrv/rsyncd runs in the same user which call
the dosdev.
Is there some special rights or environment for processes runs as service?

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