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Re: Can not see what is being typed and cursor does not move

"Mark J. Reed" wrote...

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 4:10 PM, jose isaias cabrera wrote:
jic 15:58:01-> rsync -ru --exclude '*~' jicman@camello:*.txt ./
jic 16:02:44->

the cursor does not move and anything typed does not get displayed in the
DOS Cygwin bash terminal. However, whatever I type it is being passed to
the DOS bash because if I hit enter, the command gets executed.

Any idea what is going on?

Yes, though not why.

The rsync command is setting up the terminal so that the password
doesn't show up when you type it, and for some reason failing to reset
it to normal afterwards.
Hmmmm... now that you said that, I just ssh'ed to another SunOS box and after I logged out, the same thing happens: cannot see what is being typed.

So, first, the problem will only affect that one window; if you start
a new Cygwin session, it will behave normally.  Reinstalling Cygwin
was a bit of an overreaction. :)
True, but, after all the problems I had with Cygwin-X, I thougth I would start fresh. ;-)

Second, you should be able to restore the terminal you're in If you
type "stty echo" and hit Enter.

stty: standard input: unable to perform all requested operations

is what I get...

This is the second recent post about a password-prompting program on
Cygwin not restoring echo; is there perhaps a bug in the latest
version of ncurses or whatever it's using?
Could be. So, for now, rsync and ssh are causing this problem.

thanks for the help.


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