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RE: How can I assign a hotkey to run a cygwin/bash script?

>> Arun Biyani wrote:
>> > It appears that Windows XP shortcuts have a limitation. The
>> must
>> > be to a target on the desktop (or to a target in a folder on
>>   Surely you can't mean what you've written there exactly how you've
>> worded
>> it: I thought shortcuts can point *to* anywhere, on any windows
>>   Did you mean that in order for the /hotkey/ to work, the shortcut
>> itself has
>> to be *on* the desktop or in a folder on the desktop?
>>     cheers,
>>       DaveK

Yes. Meant exactly that. I created a shortcut on desktop for mintty.
Assigned it the key "ctrl+alt+M". I like my desktop to be uncluttered.
So after assigning the key, I moved the shortcut icon into my work
"/c/home/wrk". The hotkey stopped working. I then moved the icon back to
the desktop and it worked again. Now, all my hot-key-assigned shortcuts
sit in a folder "shortcuts" on the desktop and they all work.

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