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1.5.25-Cygstart not showing visible window


It is my first time posting to this mailing list so I'd like to send
greetings to everyone. Hey!

First of all, I have RTFM'ed and googled and searched the mailing
list, etc. etc. all to no avail.

My Issue:

I'm having an problem with cygstart.  When I run a program with it in
a bash shell on my cygwin machine everything is fine. When I'm
accessing cygwin through another machine (using SSH through Putty) the
program window never appears regardless of how I specify command args.
 The program I specify is running in my Task Manager (Process
Explorer) but it has no visible window associated.  I can hear sounds
it makes.. but no window appears.

Is this a feature or a bug - or something in between?

I've tried changing the ownership of cygrunsrv, bash, and sshd.

This behavior also occurs when I run the script below.

I'm trying to run programs/files on my TV computer at the command of
my laptop computer.  It would be useful if they actually displayed on
TV computer.

I know I could use a VNC solution, but it's not really what I'm
looking for.  Cygstart seems like it is designed to do something
similar to what I want, am I asking to much?  Have I missed something?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.


Here's some info about my setup:

Windows XP SP2
CYGWIN 1.5.25
BASH 3.2
OpenSSL 0.9.8j 07 Jan 2009

a script I tried also to no avial:

#---- begin script ----

# Dan Martin converted this to bash and fixed the chmod's.
# Thanks Randal R Schulz and Stefan Leppert for basic clues.


# add execute permissions if there are none
[[ -x "$fn" ]] || { isexe=0 ; `chmod a+x "$fn"` ;}

win_fn="$(cygpath -w -a "$1")"

cmd /c "$win_fn" &

# We want to wait for the windows shell to execute the file before we
# turn off the exe bit.
sleep 1

# if isexe is 0, then we had to set the execute permissions, change back
((isexe)) || chmod a-x "$fn"
#---- end script ----

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