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Re: [boost and xerces] ping maintainers

Larry and Greg,

Thank you for your responses, I overlooked these libraries, mostly because I have not been using them. Your guidance was
very educational!


Greg Chicares wrote:
Can you point out to me where you see any Boost DLLs? I only see *.hpp template files.

The boost filesystem library is an example; my installation has, in /lib/ :

$ls libboost_file*

which IIRC were all gotten via 'setup.exe'.

I gather from a glance at the boost links above that these might be
buildable as dlls instead of as static libraries, but I think what's
relevant to your question is that this library has '.cpp' files that
must be compiled separately. I believe VÃclav was referring to boost's
sui generis build system, which I always found a bit odd; if you want
to avoid it, this might be worth a look:
| Tired of trying to compile boost with some weird tool only a very
| few understand? Try GNU boost!

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