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Re: Active FTP Issue with inetutils 1.5

On 03/04/2009, Curt Gran (crazykz) wrote:
I apologize if this should be in the apps list and not here but it
seems like it might get more views here.

I don't have any insight into your problem but I wanted to respond to this. I'm not singling your out, Curt. This just brings up a topic that's good to review every once in a while, for people who aren't sure how to pick the list to send their posting to. :-)

If you look at <>, it says that the Cygwin
list is for "discussion of just about all things related to the Cygwin
community release", minus some exceptions I've omitted (but these are
easy enough to find and read at the link I mentioned above.) cygwin-apps
is for "discussing packaging issues regarding applications that are distributed with the Cygwin DLL." In your case Curt, since what you're
posting here is a question about the workings of FTP within the inetutils
package and not an issue with its packaging, you made the right choice.
We do very strongly encourage everyone to use the information at the link
above to determine which list to use for your posting. Obviously, you may
still end up choosing the wrong list sometimes but your chances of getting
it right will be greatly increased and you'll get some points for making
the effort. And, of course, on the off-chance that you choose the wrong
list for your posting, someone here will tell you. ;-)

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