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Re: Your setting Return-Path to YOU in your cygwin postings

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 12:19:14AM -0500, Paul McFerrin wrote:
>I examined your email headers and discovered that in your postings to
>cygwin..., you are setting "Return-Path: <dave.korn.cygwin...>" in your
>email header so naturally everyone who is "replying" to sender will be
>sending YOU their reply, not cygwin....  This could explain why
>you are getting so much direct replies.  There may be those who are
>abusing the priviledge by bypassing the mailing list, but I was not
>aware of this problem and never intended to go outside the mailing

I think you are confused about what Return-Path is for but, regardless,
email to this mailing list contains a Return-Path generated by the
ezmlm/qmail software that manages this mailing list.

It looks something like:

Return-Path: cygwin-return-148528-...

Private email will have a path which reflects the actual sender.

And, from rfc2821 (there may be later ones also):

	The primary purpose of the Return-path is to designate the address to
	which messages indicating non-delivery or other mail system failures
	are to be sent.

i.e., the Return-Path shouldn't be used as the address for a mail client to
respond to.


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