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RE: pdftk and apropos - general questions

> Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 09:47:48 -0500
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: pdftk and apropos - general questions
> Mike Marchywka wrote:
>> I've had a persistent problem getting apropos to work
>> as it never finds anything appropriate. Is there
>> something I need to do to make this work?
> After each setup session, you need to run, /usr/sbin/makewhatis -u.

Thanks but I did get that far after earlier hints and you list
below is about what I ended up with too. One problem
I ran into was trying to extract sensical text from the 
IRS instructions. I used the pdftotext utility IIRC

and it didn't seem to be able to separate multi-column text
automatically ( with sed and awk I got what I needed but what
a mess). Is there a toolkit source or compiled program
I could use to diagnose or fix this? I'd also like to be able
to fill out forms programmatically- I would love to print
out a filled-in 1040 form but I'm not going to buy software to
do this or type it into a GUI.

I'm going on a bit of a cusade about proprietary format
or limited-supoort formats for public documents. 
You'd be amazed how many public filings that should
contain information are in a format like a scanned pdf from
which little usable information can be extracted. The FCC
even seems to accept locked PDF submissions...

[ at this point, people concerned about top-posting should 
be exploding over gh-osting or posting about text which is gone. LOL]


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