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Re: [1.7] rebaseall doesn't solve the problem

On Mar  4 09:59, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > [...]
> > - I called "./peflags -t 1 /bin/bash"
> But it seems that the rebase package itself, when built, must be sure to
> mark peflags.exe as tsaware before packaging it for distribution,
> regardless of which ld.exe is used.  Just in case -- otherwise the poor
> TS user won't be able to run peflags to fix everything else?

Well, my peflags.exe was not TS-aware and worked on TS.  The bad joke
is that some applications get broken by tsappcmp.dll and some not.
I don't see any pattern.  The below list (bash, ssh, grep, gdb, mkpasswd,
mkgroup) is what I found to get screwed up, other stuff like ash, gawk,
ls, nm, peflags, work fine.

> > So it seems that setting the TS-aware flag for all applications by
> > default is the way to go, same as in Visual C++.
> Makes sense.
> > Unfortunately that doesn't help us with existing packages in the distro,
> > only for new ones, but at least we now have the peflags tool for these
> > cases.
> Well, we will soon.  There's still a few things to deal with.
>   1) code audit. I'd appreciate a thorough review of the code before
> recommending that people use this tool on every app in their
> installation.  I know, no warranty express or implied, We're Just Mean,
> and You Get To Keep The Pieces, but still...

Well, I had a few tiny problems:

- VERSION wasn't defined for some reason.
- Just for kicks, try `peflags --show-image-characteristics=tsaware /bin/bash'
  (note: tsaware is a dll-characteristic, not an image-characteristic...)
- Stuff like `./peflags.exe --show-dll-characteristics=tsaware' prints
  nothing at all.  I guess it should print a help message due to a missing
  parameter instead.
- peflags --help is missing linebreaks (line 1004 is missing a backslash

>   2) peflagsall
>   3) I'd like to make sure that the interface to peflags and the new
> option(s) to ld are the same or very similar.  Once Dave posts his patch
> for ld to the binutils list, I'm sure there will be much bike-shedding
> about the name of the options, and perhaps discussion about the
> implementation. I'd like to wait for ld CVS to be updated with Dave's
> eventual contribution after those issues are resolved, and then make
> whatever changes to peflags seem appropriate before releasing the tool
> "officially".

Makes sense.


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