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pdftk and apropos - general questions

Thanks for the help with mintty earlier.

I've had a persistent problem getting apropos to work
as it never finds anything appropriate. Is there
something I need to do to make this work?

The immediate need was trying to find pdf tools. Browsing
the installs, it looks like pdftk will probably
do what I need, along with other utilities I have.
Are there additional pdf tools internal or external to cygwin
people have found useful? Basically on this new computer
I've managed to do without Flash so far and I'd like to try
to avoid installing any Adobe reader stuff. Unfortunately,
many government agencies seem to think that scanned pdf files
are as good as text ( notably FDA and FCC, IRS PDF's so far seem
to convert to text but formatting is awful). 

I noticed that pdftk has features for filling in pdf forms.
Has anyone actually got examples of using this with scripts
of other stuff ( let's say I wanted to fill out PDF tax
forms from a script, IIRC most of these are pdf forms ).


Mike Marchywka

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