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Re: [1.7] rebaseall doesn't solve the problem

Dave Korn wrote:
>   Yep, this is exactly how I'm doing it.  Patch will be posted shortly.
> Syntax looks like
>   --pe-dll-characteristics=<name>|<integer>[(+|,:)<name>|<integer>[...]]
> e.g.
>   --pe-dll-characteristics=0x0400|0x0100
>   --pe-dll-characteristics=1+128+1024,noseh,nobind
>   --pe-dll-characteristics noseh:nobind:tsaware

Nice. Where is the parsing done? I'm thinking of bringing in getopt_long
support into rebase and peflags (which is available for both cygwin and
mingw builds, just not MSVC. I don't think the rebase package cares
about that).

Anyway, if you've implemented that option parsing using just a small bit
of magic over top of getopt_long, I'll just borrow it (both packages are
GPL) and try to keep the interfaces for
	ld --pe-dll-characteristics
	peflags --dll-characteristics
sorta similar (with maybe some nice short synonyms for the common
peflags actions).  OTOH, if it relies on a bunch of pre-existing ld/*
glue, then...


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