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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: {ncurses/libncurses-devel/ncurses-demo}-5.7-11; New: libncurses9-5.7-11

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> NOTE TO MAINTAINERS: You may need to add -ltinfo to LIBS when linking
>> against ncurses.
> Is that really necessary?  I'm wondering if the gain isn't overshadowed
> by the additional requirement at configure time.  I don't see this lib
> on my Linux box either.  And it might hurt configuring OOTB.

My idea was that it would make things easier on 1.7 down the road, when
we have both ncurses and ncursesw, but only the one tinfo.

For a survey of linux to make sense, you have to exclude those which
ship only 5.6 and older -- which is quite a few; there was no tinfo
option then.  However, in my survey I find only one distro -- PLD --
that splits tinfo into a separate library, yet (almost) all of them ship
both narrow and wide versions of ncurses.  And PLD had to modify their
vim configury to use --with-tlib='ncurses -ltinfo'.

Both points reinforce your argument.

Now, I would just say: "Well, maintainers ought to use the handy new
ncurses9-config script, or even the new pkginfo, which are now supplied
with ncurses5.7."

But I can't say that, because they're borked.  They are apparently
ELF-only, as they do not list the dependent libraries.  That is, for
win32, the ncurses++.pc file ought to list '-lncurses++ -lpanel -lform
-lmenu -lncurses' (and maybe also -ltinfo, depending on the
configuration), not just '-lncurses++ -lncurses'.

Stay tuned for 5.7-3/5.7-12. Sigh.


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