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Re: 1.5.25: rsync --delete and drive_letter: issue

On Mon, Mar 02, 2009 at 04:59:43PM -0500, Dat Head wrote:
>also, i realize it would be a cygwin specific hack but has anyone
>entertained making a special
>case for cygwin rsync where it would recognize drive_letter: (instead
>of having to use /cygdrive/drive_letter)?
>all the folks in the world with one letter hostnames ;-) and cygwin
>are now cringing but thought i'ld throw it
>out there

You are missing one of the reasons for Cygwin - to avoid changing
standard unix tools to deal with Windows p:\aths.  So this is not
something that we'd consider.

>the problem reporting guidelines section in
> doesn't state that the 1.5.x that
>you're supposed to put in the beginning of the Subject: is the main
>cygwin.dll version number - this might be obvious to non-newbies, but
>it wasn't real clear to me at first.

That's because it isn't required.  We are temporarily putting [1.7] in
the beginning of the subject while 1.7 is in beta but there is no
requirement that 1.5.25 should be put in the beginning of everything

You'll note that problems.html does talk about including cygcheck output
as an attachment, however.  The version of Cygwin is obvious there.


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