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1.5.25: rsync --delete and drive_letter: issue

cygwin rsync 3.0.4-1 --delete defaults to --delete-during but should
be --delete-before

also, i realize it would be a cygwin specific hack but has anyone
entertained making a special
case for cygwin rsync where it would recognize drive_letter: (instead
of having to use /cygdrive/drive_letter)?
all the folks in the world with one letter hostnames ;-) and cygwin
are now cringing but thought i'ld throw it
out there

also i realize this other one should go to cygwin-xfree but thought
i'ld run it by here since it might be
simple, when i run "xrdb -load < ~/.Xdefaults" i get no error, but
then "xrdb -query" returns nothing,
i even tried that -all flag which i'ld never seen before to no avail.

p.s. this is my first cygwin mailing list post so hopefully i mostly
got things right

the problem reporting guidelines section in doesn't state
that the 1.5.x that you're supposed to put in the beginning of the
Subject: is the main cygwin.dll
version number - this might be obvious to non-newbies, but it wasn't
real clear to me at first.

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