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Re: side effects after installing gcc-

Akakima wrote:
> After updating gcc in my cygwin installation, i discovered
> that i cannot run gcc.exe from the native winxp console (cmd.exe).
> gcc.exe has been replaced by gcc-3.exe.

  And by a link.

> Of course, this works fine under bash and ash, but it does not work anymore
> under cmd.exe.

  Nope, of course not.  Use "gcc-3.exe" instead.

> since i prefer to work under cmd.exe. i tried to fix this problem by:
> adding .LNK to PATHEXT
> and adding /usr/bin/alternatives to the PATH

  You mean /etc/alternatives, I think.

> and now if i type "gcc", cmd finds gcc-3.exe and launch it.

  That didn't work when I tried it:

Access is denied.

Access is denied.


> But, this is not perfect. gcc (or someone else) wait until i press
> enter to continue.

  GCC doesn't do that sort of thing.  What actual command do you type, and
what symptom do you get?  What program is running if you check with "ps -a" in
another window while this possible wait-to-press-enter is occurring?  Does GCC
go ahead and generate a compiled output after you press enter?

  The problem arises because you insist on two things: 1) you want to use
cmd.exe, 2) you want to start a program without typing the name it's actually
called.  Since cmd.exe doesn't understand links, your two requirements are
mutually contradictory.  The best solution is to downgrade, or to copy
gcc-3.exe to gcc.exe and get rid of the link stuff altogether.


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