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Re: [1.7] rebaseall doesn't solve the problem

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>> I'm open to suggestions.  "peimgflags"?  Currently, aslr only
> peflags?

Less typing is good.

> Can you tweak the tool so I can test that next week?

Yes, I've finished my current round of package rebuilding; I'll try to
get to peflags and peflags_all Monday PM.

>> Or a separate aslrall (peimgflags(?)_all) would share a lot
>> of code with rebaseall, but it's not really all THAT big a script.  The
>> reason I didn't do that originally was I wanted to reuse the same
>> (generated) filelist in each case.  But, it seems that the flexibility
>> in having aslrall(?) make its own file list -- which may include exe's
>> as well as dll's -- is more important.
> +1


> Cygwin applications are POSIX applications which are by default
> multiuser aware == TS-aware since they are written for such an
> environment.  Should an application *prove* to make trouble in a
> TS-environment (minus the tsappcmp.dll bug) then we should try to find
> out why.  In that case, especially if it's a plain POSIX tool, it might
> be a bug in Cygwin itself.  Other than that, Cygwin and Cygwin apps are
> designed to interact cleanly in a multiuser environment.  It should not
> matter under which account they are running, even SYSTEM.



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