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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {ncurses/libncurses-devel/ncurses-demo}-5.7-2; New: libncurses9-5.7-2

ncurses is a package that provides character and terminal handling
libraries, including 'gui-like' panels and menus.  It is often used
instead of termcap.

[[ compiled using gcc-3.4.4-3 ]]

NOTE TO MAINTAINERS: You may need to add -ltinfo to LIBS when linking
against ncurses.

This will most likely be the final ncurses update for the cygwin-1.5
distribution; future development will continue with ncurses-5.7-11 for

CHANGES since 5.5-3:
o Update to latest release (5.7) with current patchset (20090228)
o Build using stock cygport 0.4.3
o Build using --with-ticlib (separate add-on library exposes
  internal ncurses details), so that the (now) separately-distributed
  tack program can link successfully.
  - libncurses9 package now additionally includes cygtic-9.dll
o Build using --with-termlib (separates terminfo database parsing
  and manipulation from terminal window control). This will be more
  useful in 1.7 development, when widechar support is added --
  because the libtinfo portions are character-width agnostic. However,
  to keep cygwin-1.5 and cygwin-1.7 version more-or-less in sync, this
  modification was made here, as well.
  - libncurses9 package now additionally includes cygtinfo-9.dll
o Turned on 5-button mouse support and sp-funcs
  - these changes, together with the separate ticlib and termlib,
    constitute a new ABI, which is why the DLL version number was
    bumped to 9.
o Did not enable reentrancy, threading support, or wide character
  support. For the first two, see
  The last item may be added later, but only for cygwin-1.7.
o Modified spelling of public, but accessor-wrapped data symbols
  to avoid "private" _nc_* namespace. This ABI change does NOT
  affect the API as used by clients (that is, no source code changes
  should be needed).
o Added preremove script, in preparation for deprecating the
  back-compatibility symlinks in /usr/lib/ncurses and /usr/include.
  This is more of a cygwin-1.7 item, than applicable to cygwin-1.5.
o Upstream changes:
  - tack program now distributed separately
  - pkg-config .pc files now provided
  - ncurses8-config script now provided
  - many more demo programs in ncurses-demo
  - /usr/share/terminfo database now organized by hex code
    of first character (e.g. instead of r/rxvt, we have 72/rxvt
    (0x72 == 'r'). See warning, below.

Because of a change in the organization of the terminfo database,
terminfo entries NOT part of the terminfo package may need to be
manually upgraded or copied.  To improve operation on case-insensitive
platforms, the terminfo database is now organized according to the
two-digit hexadecimal code of the entry's first letter, instead of
organized according to that first letter itself.  For instance:

  OLD (terminfo0) --->   NEW (terminfo)
  r/rxvt-unicode         72/rxvt-unicode

To "fix" any out-of-place entries, you may manually copy them to the
correct location, or re-run tic.exe on the original terminfo source for
that terminal.  In the case of rxvt-unicode:

$ /etc/postinstall/

will do the job.  Note that the old database organization can co-exist
with the new one (with the obvious duplication of data entailed).  Thus,
libncurses8-dependent applications will continue to work properly, so
long as the new terminfo0 package is installed along with the updated
terminfo package.  This upgrade/co-install should happen automatically
without user intervention.

Charles Wilson
ncurses volunteer maintainer for cygwin


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the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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